Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Northern New Brunswick railfanning, May 28

I was on the road Monday May 28 and I saw a few trains on the way.

As I passed through Miramichi I saw NBEC 1813 and 1818 working the yard, while CFMG 6907 rested on the back track.

VIA 14 was very late due to some mechanical problem in Montreal, and it was not scheduled to be in Miramichi until after 1 PM.

Carrying on to Bathurst, I saw NBEC 1845 bringing a short train 597 of wood chips off the Nepisiguit Subdivision into the Bathurst yard. I'll post a video later.

Shortly after leaving Bathurst, I heard a train "6901 East" reporting its position as "mile 119", which is very near Beresford. I took the highway exit but saw train 402 going under the overpass.

A very interesting set of cars were in the freshly-ballasted siding at Beresford. Two gondolas and a bulkhead flat car held an assortment of... well, I don't know what it was. It looked like scrap metal to me but I don't think it was.

I heard NBEC ore train 587 honking at a crossing in Belledune but I did not see it.

On my way south, I looked in Bathurst and saw NBEC 1845 on the back track and NBEC 1821 and another RS-18 ready to go on the siding, with a long train of ore cars, concentrate cars, and other stuff. This shot was taken from Golf Road.

I was wondering why they were just sitting there, until I saw a headlight way in the distance. NBEC 403 was coming to town. I went to Squire Green Road and shot them arriving with NBEC 6901, NBEC 6904, and CFMG 6903 leading a short train of mostly boxcars. I totally messed up my video by fiddling with the exposure just before the train arrived at 16:20. I did get some snaps from the Canon, however.

In Miramichi, NBEC 1813 and 1818 were at rest by the yard office and 6907 was gone.

I noticed a pretty blue car in the Miramichi yard, which turned out to be CFMG 615119, a log car.

That was it for trains!

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