Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 3

Several Fredericton railfans and I chased the supposedly "last" Budd Ocean from Oxford Junction to Moncton. Read my blog entry.

The current "last" Budd Ocean left Halifax on April 30 2007. It may be back again in the fall... hopefully.

In early May I was in Edmonton, Alberta. On the evening of the 3rd I went up to the CN mainline east of Calder Yard and watched some trains go by. These are what I saw:

17:36 CN 5306, 5391, 4784 came off the Vegreville Sub with 144 cars. It was quite an impressive sight. The train took nine minutes to pass by me.

18:47 CN 9670, 9672 eastbound, general freight
18:59 CN 5290, 4778 eastbound, running light
19:03 VIA #2 the Canadian with 6434, 6437 and 18 cars

19:12 CN 5281, 9455 eastbound, 22 cars

19:33 didn't catch the numbers, westbound freight with mostly grain cars

While I was in Edmonton, Phil Ross noted that OCR 4204 (soon to be SFEX 4204) was brought to IRSI in Moncton for some work.
SFEX 4204. Photo by Luc Doiron.

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