Friday, May 18, 2007

Le Grande Allure

Intrepid train traveller Peter Dawes has added a new volume of his travelogues to his web site. In his own words:

I've just added the first OVERSEAS volume to my website.

La Grande Allure, 1970's describes train travels during 1976, 1978 and 1979 holidays in Europe. Trains range from Night Caledonian, to Flying Scotman, Night Ferry, TEE Rheingold, Festiniog steam train, Glacier Express, Orient Express, and Wiener-Walzer.

The format is pretty much the same as for the North American volumes, although (with some exceptions) I provide train composition rather than unit numbers or names. There are 42 photographs in this first volume, as well as many other images.

Many thanks to those listed in the "Acknowledgements" for their assistance and encouragement. I hope to post the second volume in June.

I've also added slightly revised versions the first two NORTH AMERICAN volumes (No Matter Where It's Going: 1950's and 1960's), correcting a number of errors and omissions either discovered later or pointed out by readers. Furthermore, I've added a "Links" page to the Website.

The link remains

I've read some of the North American ones and I found them very interesting. Check it out!

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