Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NBEC 1868 on the move

Phil Ross reported that NBEC 1868 left Campbellton Tuesday morning (presumably on NBEC 402) to go to Sydney, Nova Scotia "for main generator repairs". I assume it made it to Moncton Tuesday night. It may have left for Truro on CN 308 this morning, or it may stay a day in Moncton before heading out.

By my records, 1868 has had two main generator changeouts, one in late 1999 and one in late 2002. What is it about this unit? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, thanks for your "NBSR Passenger Train teaser" video. I'm so glad, when open your video. It was to remember me of my toys train at my house :)
by the way, I want to ask about this picture of "NBEC 1868". I think that locomotive of lebel's number, is that the made of locomotive in year 1868? what do u think?
but I think in Indonesia locomotive, if there are have lebel's number in locomotive, that sure a year of made it.
What do u think Steve?
I need your opinion, please..........THANK YOU


Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Sendy, I'm glad you liked the video.

The 1868 is just a number to know which locomotive is which. The New Brunswick East Coast Railway has a number of locomotives that are pretty much the same type, so they each have a number. This locomotive was built in 1958.