Monday, May 28, 2007

NB Southern Railway Passenger Excursion May 27

As I mentioned I chased the excursion yesterday (May 27). I left Fredericton at about 10:30, hoping to catch the train at Welsford and then follow it back to Saint John. I arrived in Welsford and the train was not there, but when I went to the south end of the siding, Dave Dineen was waiting there for the train to arrive. Perfect!

The train arrived at 11:22. They cut NBSR 9801 off the head end, ran up to the north end of the siding, then craaaawled down the siding to the south end before coupling up to the caboose. They finally left at 11:52. I think they had some kind of brake problem to resolve after they coupled up.

Dave and I gave merry chase. We ended up at different spots most of the time, which was good for variety. I elected to go to my favourite spot, the LaFarge road on the south end of Welsford. Here they are at 11:59.

I was trying to emphasize quality over quantity on this trip, so I passed on any more side-of-the-road shots and drove on to Westfield Beach to get the next shot at the overpass at 12:11. I shot this left-handed as I was taping at the same time.. the quality suffered.

The next shot was at another favourite spot, the bend going into Grand Bay at 12:18. Dave Dineen also shot here.

I taped them at Station Road going under the overpass.

I didn't catch up to them again until 12:35, where I shot them going across this bridge just before the yard in Saint John. It is backlit but I think it turned out OK.
Crossing the bridge
They had decided to run the engine around the train, using the wye, and then push the consist back to Harbour Station. That would have it all set up for the next trip at 2 PM. Here they are on the wye at 12:42.
Turning on the wye
At this point the kids and I needed lunch, so we went to our favourite Scottish restaurant. We rejoined the train at Harbour Station near 2 PM. Dave Dineen and Jim Robertson were there, so we had a brief chat before I left to set up by the Reversing Falls bridge.

They crossed the bridge at 14:16.

I tried to beat them to the yard entrance but they were too fast for me, arriving at 14:21. I went to the other end of the yard and saw NBSR 2318, 2612 and 9802 waiting there, presumably making up the evening westbound train. The excursion train went by at 14:26.

I went to the next crossing after the bridge north of the yard, just for something different. I like it! Here's the train at 14:32.

I tried for Station Road at 14:41 but they were too fast for me. They definitely seemed to be moving faster this trip. Dave Dineen and I both shot at Westfield Beach, but I think his are the better shots. I did get this side-of-the-road shot at 14:57 I'm pleased with.

I shot them again at the LaFarge road at 15:06.

My son was waving at the train and quite a few people waved back.

I taped them arriving at Welsford siding and that was it for me. We hit the road and headed for home, after a successful day of train chasing.

Here's a video I put together showing the train at a few locations.

Thanks for reading this far!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Steve! I'm very impressed with your shots! I see some candidates in there! Would've been awesome if one of the new GP38s was leading the train!

Mike said...

Thanks for the pictures! I was inside one of the coaches on Sunday afternoon. I spotted you at one point with a kid on one arm and a camera in the other. :)

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thank you, Luc! I had hoped 2612 would lead, but no such luck. Apparently they had 2318 leading but the horn stuck on.

Mike, glad you liked them. I had three kids with me and I had to do a bit of juggling. :)