Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trains on the 5th of July

Kevin G chased VIA 14 and 15 on a rainy July 5. Here are a few of his videos, from YouTube.

VIA 14 (with 6428 and 6403) at Shediac Road:

Then VIA 14 again at Sackville:

And finally VIA 14 leaving Amherst:

VIA 15 (with 6427 and 6405) at Sackville Amherst:

Here it is at Gort (passing Gordon Yard in Moncton).

EDIT: I put Sackville instead of Amherst for the fourth video - thanks for the correction!

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Anonymous said...

You accedentaly put Sackville insded of Amherst.