Monday, July 06, 2009

Big Announcement Tuesday?

McAdam Station
There is supposed to be a big announcement in McAdam on Tuesday at 10 AM. The rumour is that the NB Southern line from Saint John to Brownville is to be upgraded to 130 lb. rail. I'm told the premier, the Irvings, MP Greg Thompson and others will be there. I assume there must be some provincial and/or federal investment for the politicians to be present.

The yard has been spruced up, with new signage, crushed rock, and even special ties for a ceremonial spike driving.


Adam p. said...

This is very good news indeed, especially in these tough economic times. Is there an increase in traffic expected or something in the future?

Jody R said...

According to this mornings daily gleaner it is $28 million and is for the line between Saint John and McAdam but also the St Stephen branch. I guess they wouldn't be allowed to use federal infrastructure money to upgrade track to Brownville in Maine! Maybe the American government will help on that end.