Saturday, July 04, 2009

NBEC 1818 Sold

NBEC 1818, Miramichi
Ex-NBEC RS-18 1818 has been sold by CN. Ken Lanovich reports on the LocoNotes group that it has been relettered JLCX 1818. It is still parked at CN's Woodcrest, Illinois faclity. JLCX is the reporting mark for JL Consulting Ltd., a Canadian locomotive buyer. Presumably it is en route to one of their customers.


Jody R said...

Hi Steve. NB Southern slug 008 is still running on the mainline. Saw it go through Magagadavic siding Saturday heading east at about 1400. By the way it's a great place to video a train heading east. You can see the train approaching from quite a distance.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Jody, did you take any video? :)

How far is it from the main road to Magagadavic siding? Is there still a siding there?

Jody R said...

It's about a ten minute drive from the main road at Christie Ridge. The road is marked wth a provincial green sign saying magagadavic siding. There used to be two siding tracks but nothing now. Road is travelled a lot in the summer. Many camps/cottages/houses there. The old Bud Bird summer estate is there also. No pics. I was just visiting a collegue at his camp. I'll have to get set up to do so! lol