Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Canadian Pacific Local

CP 1530 in Winnipeg
I was out and about yesterday afternoon, circling the CN Symington Yard, when I heard a CP freight get a clearance from CN to cross the St. Boniface spur. That meant they would be going along Archibald Street, an easily viewed area not far from where I was. I headed over to Plinguet Street (by the GWWD) to get a shot at the crossing. My son and I hopped out of the car.

The train stopped just west of the crossing, and the conductor got out to reline a switch for the main line. Then they proceeded slowly into the crossing and headed east.

A few things that interested me about this train: the crewman riding the flatcar a few cars from the end, and the "model train switch" in the CP service gondola on the end.


Anonymous said...

The "model train switch" at the end of the video clip was a nice touch.

In looking at the video, around the 29 second mark, I noted a pick up truck crossing the track with the signals in operation. The distance between the signals and the locomotive was not significant. High school physics would tell me evenat a low speed my car would have been a write-off so why chance it?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Yeah, that seemed a little close to me too. Lots of people were going through before the lights started flashing (which is OK in my opinion) but that truck was cutting it a bit fine.