Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday's 114

CN 8003 near Diamond
On Thursday (April 8) I went up to the CN mainline to try to catch the Canadian at noon. I was one red light too late. I saw VIA roll by in lovely sunlight as I approached the Wilkes Avenue overpass, but there was no chance for any pictures. Oh well.

I heard that CN 114 was coming into Diamond, so I went out to the bend west of Diamond to shoot them. I was just in time to get them coming around the bend. The video (below) had some focus problems, unfortunately, but the still shot turned out fine.

They slowed as they approached the CP Glenboro subdivision, and the conductor got out to manually reline the switch so they could go from the south to the north track. Here it is a ground throw switch and it looked like a fair bit of work to get the switch relined. I think they had to do it manually because they were already in the block and the RTC couldn't do it remotely.
Conductor lines a switch
Once the head end was through the switch, the conductor got back on board and they crossed the CP Glenboro subdivision.
CN 8003 crosses the diamond
I took a few more shots as they slowly came up to speed, then headed home. Here's the video!

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