Thursday, April 08, 2010

St. Quentin Update

St. Quentin railway station and train. Photo by David Chiasson
David Chiasson discovered that the former Smurfit-Stone caboose, lately NBEC 1000, at the St. Quentin museum.
Former Smurfit-Stone caboose at St. Quentin. Photo by David Chiasson
The caboose seems to be at the end of the replica train, but not in line with it. Perhaps they need a little more rail before they can put it in line with the rest of the train.
Former NBEC 1000 at St. Quentin. Photo by David Chiasson
You may remember I visited that station back in August 2007. At that time the station was done but there was no train present.

Here's the first photo I ever took of that caboose, when it was sitting under the highway 11 overpass in the Smurfit interchange track.
Smurfit Stone caboose

Nice to see the caboose get a new lease on life!

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Unknown said...

This caboose has been repainted in Bright Orange.