Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meadows Grain Elevator

Paterson Grain, Meadows, MB
Back in mid-March, I drove west on the CP mainline for a little while to take a few pictures of the grain elevator at Meadows, MB (here).
Meadows, Manitoba
The elevator has a single-ended siding (points face east).
Grain elevator, Meadows, Manitoba
There is a beautiful shot of this elevator here. According to that page, the elevator was one of the first built by Paterson around the turn of the century (meaning the 19th-20th century!), and is now abandoned. The nearby modern elevator at Rosser handles all the traffic.
Meadows grain elevator, Manitoba
I found a list of wood elevators in Manitoba... good reference material.

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Eric said...

Hi Steve,
Here's a 1984 photo of the elevator at Meadows:

Differences: classic wooden moveable station replaced by Atco shed, siding gone, tin sheeting being taken away by the wind.

Nice shots nonetheless, thanks for sharing.