Wednesday, April 28, 2010


On Monday (April 26) I worked from home in the morning, and intended to work from my office in the afternoon. I drove up Wilkes Avenue at noon, planning to catch the Canadian on the way. I did see VIA about halfway between Kenaston and the Perimeter, right on time. The Canadian was extra-long, with 3 deadhead cars on the head end and 13 cars in revenue service.

VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg
Full consist.

Right after that, I was brought into a conference call. Rather than drive while talking on my cell phone (have you signed Oprah's No Phone Zone pledge? Neither have I), I elected to pull over. While I was on the phone, several more trains rolled on by.

CN 199 followed VIA out of the city, with CN 5641 and CN 2401 providing the power. The container traffic was on the head end here, with the miscellaneous junk trailing. I was able to step out of my car, take a shot, then get back to the call.
CN 5641 on train 199

Shortly after that, an eastbound rolled by with CN 8907 and CN 2423. It may have been CN 198 but I'm just guessing. 198 often rolls into Winnipeg around noon. No photos for that one.

The fourth train was the twice-weekly CEMR train heading for the Carman subdivision. CCGX 4010, CEMR 4001 and CEMR 4000 pulled about 70 cars. I took a few shots through the windshield and this is the best of them.
CEMR westbound train
Soon after that, my call was done and I continued on to the office. Maybe I need to relocate my office...


Sylwia said...

The longest trains I've ever seen were russian transporters. Before CCCP fell apart, we (Poland) used to ship tons of cargo to Russia. No wonder we're now almost out of natural resources;-) said...

Wow! The pictures are beautiful!

Ernesto Fitipaldi
Coches Nuevos

ebed said...

Nice shots. I love the distinctive look of the silver one..