Sunday, April 18, 2010

Light Rail for Winnipeg?

Phoenix Light Rail Transit (LRT)
LRT vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona, April 14 2010

Our esteemed mayor Sam Katz is keen to move on LRT in Winnipeg. LRT=Light Rail Transit.

Currently the city is building phase one of the "Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor", a busway between Queen Elizabeth Way (near the Forks and the VIA station) to Jubilee Avenue at Pembina Highway (aka CN Fort Rouge). Part of this work involves a tunnel under the CN yards at Fort Rouge. This is scheduled to be completed next year. The plans allow for replacement of the rapid transit bus by a light rail system sometime in the future.

Let's hope Mayor Katz gets his way.


Jody R said...

Hey Steve...just thought I would let you know the station in McAdam just got another $1 million for restoration. The place is really starting to look nice.

Canadian Train Geek said...

I heard that, Jody - good news! I'd love to see McAdam again sometime soon.