Friday, March 18, 2011

CN 316

CN is running an export train to Halifax as I write this. CN X316 was ordered out of Toronto at 21:30 on March 16, due in Joffre PQ at 14:30 on March 17 and 22:30 in Edmundston.

CN X316 actually left Joffre at 12:30 on March 17, so it was ahead of schedule. The train consisted of CN 5524 and 5 export locomotives, presumably on their own wheels.

It appears that X316 spent the night in Edmundston waiting for a crew, then proceeded to Moncton last night / early this morning. It is currently following CN 120 into Halifax and should arrive shortly after noon.

All of this information comes from the excellent AtlanticRails mailing list, a great resource for railfans in the east.

In other news, VIA's Ocean had an engine problem and set off VIA 6453 somewhere west of Campbellton. The Chaleur split off at Matapedia as usual and proceeded with VIA 6402, and the Ocean kept going with one engine, VIA 6456. Presumably Friday's Ocean will depart with that engine only.

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