Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Steam Engine to Pass Through Maritimes

LSWR T3 class, 4-4-0, 563 (1893)
Part of a movie entitled "The Railway Children" will be filmed at the John Street Roundhouse in Toronto, Ontario. A steam engine will be imported into Canada for use in this production. It is scheduled to arrive in Halifax on March 28 and be brought to Toronto.

The engine is former LSWR (London and South Western Railway) T3 4-4-0 number 563.

Hopefully people will get photos of it en route!

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Blair Ivey said...

It is a mystery to me why North American steam locomotives have all kinds of appurtenaces hanging off of them (pipes, air pumps, tanks, coils, etc.) while European locomotives, esp. British, are very clean with nary an extraneous bit. There must be some design considerations I'm missing.