Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Three Trains, One Lunch

Train observers know there is an ebb and flow to train traffic. Each railway and each location have their own daily rhythm, determined by when trains are scheduled to run and when they actually do run. Things are often busy on CN here in Winnipeg around noon... which is convenient for train watchers like me.

Yesterday (February 28) I heard there were a couple of westbound freights getting ready to roll in Winnipeg, CN 111 and CN 115. I went up to the CN Rivers sub just before noon to try to catch one or both, and of course VIA's Canadian.

I arrived at the CN main line and picked my spot, just east of Diamond. I parked the car and ate my lunch while keeping an eye out. CN 111 was the first to pass by, with CN 2220 and ex-BC Rail unit BCOL 4601 on the head end.
CN 2220 in Winnipeg
Nice to see some ex-BC Rail units are still in their old paint scheme.
BC Rail 4601 in Winnipeg
CN 8844 was a DPU engine in the middle and CN 8886 was pushing on the end.
CN 8886 in Winnipeg

Shortly after that, I heard CN 314 was starting to move at Diamond just west of me. I worried that they would get in the way of the Canadian, whose horn I could hear to the east of me. Fortunately the Canadian came first, and they were on the south track anyway. They had two refurbished engines, VIA 6406 and 6452.
VIA 6406 in Winnipeg
They slowed as they approached Diamond, waiting for the signal to change.
VIA Tremblant Park
I hopped in the car to go shoot CN 314. The Canadian rolled out of sight and CN 314's two engines worked hard to bring the train up to speed.

Train 314 had IC 2712 and CN 2657 for power.

I then drove back east to get a shot at a crossing. I went for something a bit more "arty".
IC 2712 in Winnipeg
I knew CN 115 was coming soon, probably followed by "CN 525" aka the CEMR train to the Carman subdivision, but I was out of time.

As usual, the day's sightings are in the database.

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