Saturday, March 19, 2011

VIA Plow Train

David Morris chased the Ocean and Chaleur a few times in February and sent along these shots of the trains plowing snow.

First, here's the Ocean at Nigadoo, NB.
VIA 6454 at Nigadoo. Photo by David Morris

Next, the Chaleur plowing a crossing at Escuminac in Quebec.
VIA 6424 at Escuminac, PQ. Photo by David Morris
Hopefully he didn't get too wet after this shot!

Here's the same train at Anse a Beaufils.
VIA 6424 by David Morris

They met the real plow at New Carlisle, propelled by SFG 1856, the former NBEC 1856.
VIA Chaleur and SFG snowplow and 1856. Photo by David Morris

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