Friday, March 11, 2011

Kenaston Saskatchewan

I found this photo in one of my albums. I took it in early January 2001 while traveling on highway 11 between Chaplin and Saskatoon. It shows three Pool elevators in Kenasoton, Saskatchewan (located here.
Grain elevators in Kenaston SK

Kenaston is notable for having one of the few remaining railway water towers in Saskatchewan (visible in the photo above to the left). It was built in 1910 for use by what became CN. It is a fairly rare structure these days, not only because it is a water tower but because it is an octagonal, tapered tower. The village did some major repairs to the tower in 2009 and now it looks as good as new.

The town is served by CN on its Craik subdivision out of Saskatoon. The Craik sub used to run from Saskatoon to Regina, but now the Last Mountain Railway operates the southern portion from Davidson to Regina. CN's 1986/12/14 timetable shows Kenaston at mile 109.3, with two tracks CK34 and CK35 at 2000 and 1700 feet respectively. The Google map shows a bunch of tracks but the street view seems to show a single siding now.

Hopefully the village will be able to hold on to their elevators and water tower. So many Prairie towns are disappearing.

PS - While browsing around I saw the Google cameras caught a CN high-rail truck while they were there.


Eric said...

Nice post, Steve. I stopped just short of Kenaston on my visit to the Craik Sub in 1986. In the evening, I drove out to Bladworth:

Now you've completed my trip up the Craik. Thanks,

Zartok-35 said...

Kenaston has what is probably the most impressive row of elevators along highway 11. I've never been able to take a good look at the water tower before, though. CN had some flatcars stored their a few years ago, they may have even been rail cars.