Thursday, March 10, 2011

More PEI Stations

Inspired by the good feedback to my post about Kensington, I dug into my photo archives and found a few more railway station photos from Prince Edward Island.

Here is the former CN station at Borden, PEI right at the end of the spiffy Confederation Bridge. In fact this is pretty much how you would see it from the bridge, if you were looking as you were coming onto the island.
CN Borden station

I understand they now have a caboose there, imported from the Moncton area.
CN Border station and switch

Next is the station at Montague, PEI. Apparently this was redeveloped in 1999. I remember there were some artifacts inside and some signage on the inside of the fence. It was quite pleasant to visit and near the marina in Montague.
Montague train station

Finally, here is the station in Summerside, PEI which is now the Rotary Library. This is a terrible photo. The Google Street View is much nicer.
Summerside rotary library, former train station

All of those shots were from September 2003, which may have been the last time I was on PEI.

I also have photos of the Elmira station and railway museum, such as it was. I will have to dig those up as they have photos of the Railway Post Office (RPO) car that was subsequently scrapped.

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