Saturday, September 24, 2011

BDRV 1889

BDRV 1889 in Winnipeg
I had a heads-up from the MB-SK Rails Yahoo! group that there was an interesting locomotive in the CP Winnipeg yard. It was painted black and lettered BLACK RIVER. As it happened, I was going to be in the vicinity, so I tracked it down.

The unit was located just east of the Arlington Street bridge, on the south side of the yard, and was accessible from Higgins Avenue (here). The unit was coupled to a string of freight cars.

A little digging shows that BDRV 1889 was sold to the Belvedere and Delaware River Railroad, part of the Black River Railroad System. The Black River system operates in western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania and runs freight and tourist railroads.

BDRV 1889 was originally Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo 402, a GP9. It became CP 1689 and was sold to J&L Consulting (JLCX), who sold it to Black River.

UPDATE: Apparently it has been working for Dominion Terminal Associates, who operate a coal shipping terminal in Newport News, Virginia.


Karl A. said...

Great catch on a sharply painted unit! I love those numberboards.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Karl!