Monday, September 05, 2011

HLCX 906 in Saint John

HLCX 906 in Saint John
On my last day in New Brunswick, I had some time before I had to catch my plane home. I drove by the NB Southern Dever Road yard and found NBSR 3703 and CN 4141 shunting the west end of the yard. I took a quick video...

On the east end of the yard, it looks like the mainline train was just putting its train away. NBSR 2318, slug NBSR 008, Maine Northern 9801, HLCX 906 and HLCX 917 were the power for this train. I watched them for a while and took a few shots.
HLCX 906 in Saint John
One obvious difference I see between HLCX 906 and HLCX 913 is that 906 has the headlights in the short hood, whereas 913's lights are above the windows. It's clear that the headlights on 906 used to be above the windows. 906 also has the struck-out UNION PACIFIC on the side instead of the grayed-out version on 913.
I'll leave you with the video I took from the Green Head Road overpass. The engineer was really making some noise!

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Anonymous said...

The last unit, 913, has 3 fans instead of 2 on the long hood typical of a GP40 instead of a GP38. I would say that this unit was involved in some sort of accident in which the radiator section was replaced with a section from a GP40. Either that or it started out as a GP40, but I see this less likely. Interesting none the less.