Monday, September 12, 2011

Borden Station and Caboose

Borden station and caboose, PEI
As I mentioned, I was on Prince Edward Island in late August to see the Atlantic Canada International Air Show. I decided to shoot the Borden station as we arrived on the island, because there was no caboose there the last time I saw it in 2003.

The caboose has some new paint on it, but alas, no markings.

Borden station and caboose, PEI

The caboose is a CN Pointe-St. Charles caboose, rebuilt in November 1941 from the Grand Trunk boxcar 23368 that was itself built in October 1912. It was CN 78301, and after its retirement it spent a long time in Riverview, NB at a sandblasting business. It was put up for sale in June 2003 by the Town of Riverview after the New Brunswick Railway Museum passed on it. In late 2003 it was donated to Borden and was trucked up there.

Michael Taylor has a photo of it from August 2004 in front of the station... with the CNR logo Serves All Canada but in poor condition. There are lots of good photos on his site, by the way!

There is a small plaque on the caboose that reads DONATED TO BORDEN / CARLETON MARINE RAIL PARK - 2003 BY THE TOWN OF RIVERVIEW N.B.

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