Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hampton Train Station

Hampton train station
After I chased CN 406 last night, I stopped in Hampton to take some photos of the preserved train station there. I have photos I took of that station around somewhere, but why not take more? :)

Tourist information in the Hampton train station
The station houses the local tourist information centre. It was closed when I was there after 7 PM, and I wouldn't expect it to be open much during the "shoulder" season. In fact, the gift shop has a sign on the door that states "OPEN BY CHANCE FROM AUG 29 TO OCT 10".

There is still a strip of asphalt by the tracks, presumably from when the station saw passenger trains. That hasn't happened since the cancellation of the Atlantic in December 1994. I'm not sure if the Atlantic actually stopped in Hampton in its latter days, and I don't have my VIA timetables with me tonight.The Wikipedia article on the Atlantic seems to indicate it did not.The June 8, 1980 CN employee timetable does show the Atlantic stopping in Hampton. That timetable also shows Hampton as a flag stop for the Railliner (RDC) service.
Hampton train station

I was last in Hampton on January 21, 2006, so you can see a few (small) photos of the station as it appeared then. Not much has changed!

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