Sunday, September 18, 2011

Railroadiana For Sale

If you're looking for railroadiana at reasonable prices, check out Dean Ogle's site. He has railway timetables, both public and employee, for sale as well as many books.

Some people sell these for outrageous prices like this but Dean has good prices. For the October 28, 1979 CN employee timetable I just linked to, Dean charges $4.50 versus the $14.64 it is listed for on eBay.

Here's my general guidelines for ETT pricing. For CN or CP employee timetables, I'm comfortable spending $5-$6 for ETTs from the 1970s to 1980s. ETTs from the 1960s will be more, probably in the $7-$10 range. ETTS for the 1950s and earlier tend to be much more expensive, starting at $20 and going up. Modern ETTs are also more expensive than the 1970s timetables because they are more rare.

Anyway, check Dean's site out.

You can always go look at my railway timetables if you're doing some research. I don't have all of mine scanned (by a long shot) but there are a number of them online for your viewing pleasure.

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