Thursday, September 01, 2011

Plane Geek

Hornet and Mustang flying together
Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I usually do... I'm in New Brunswick for work and I've been pretty busy. I have also been editing and posting my airplane photos from this past weekend's Atlantic Canada International Air Show.

The weather was great and the show was even better. I drove my oldest son up to Summerside, PEI and we spent the day watching planes and helicopters and parachutists, and getting sunburnt while trying to stay hydrated. Good times.

You can click on the photo above, or follow this link, to see my photo album on Google+. If you're a member of Google+, feel free to add me to a circle and I'll add you back.

PS - despite what my wife says, the photo above was not Photoshopped in any way except to crop it and bump up the saturation a bit. There really was a Mustang flying around with the Canadian CF-18 demonstrator Hornet!


Eric said...

Here too, Steve. Fleet Finch, Stearman, Percival and a 2000horsepower Corsair all flying over my house Tuesday, as CN and VIA horns added to the cacophony. The occasion was marking the accomplishments of Robert Hampton Gray, last Canadian VC winner.

It's plane to see we have more than one track minds!


Steve Boyko said...

I went to Hampton Gray Memorial School in Shearwater, NS! We know all about Robert Hampton Gray's heroics.

Eric said...

The Harvard on a plinth here at the Kingston airport was fished out of Lake Ontario and dedicated to RHG. This is where he took his flight training - at 31 SFTS, and the street into the airport is named after him. Cross-street is named for Len Birchall, the saviour of Ceylon and late Kingston resident.

Harvard and Corsair shown here:

When the Corsair arrived, it beat up the field before landing.

I'll likely do a flying post on Trackside Treasure: 'Planes and Trains'. Keep posting those Wpg photos when you get back, Steve - 'Plains and Trains'!

Eric said...

I should add something Steve, which is that on our long weekend trip to Ottawa, we walked around Parliament Hill. A group of likenesses of 14 Canadian war heroes was completed in 2006. The first of The Valiants I walked up to was Robert Hampton Gray's. Small world.