Monday, January 09, 2012

HLCX 6200 Arrives

Several people went out on January 8 to shoot HLCX 6200 as part of train CN 406 en route to Saint John.

First, Matt aka Saintjohnrailfan shot it in Rothesay near the station... using his tried-and-true Picture-in-Picture technique. Very nice.

SD40-2fan shot it a bit closer to Saint John, in three locations.

Oh, and Brockrailfan shot it on a CN train in Belleville, Ontario... probably CN 308. It's in the video at about the 3:30 mark.

Barbarysheep1 was shooting in the same location. His video is here and is pretty much the same, except for some reason he seemed to have some hair on the lens. HLCX 6200 is just after the 4:20 mark.

Hopefully HLCX 6200 will get right to work on the New Brunswick Southern Railway, and HLCX 6318 will arrive soon!


Eric said...

Nice videos, and thanks for sharing them, Steve. BrockRailfan's video is at Belleville, and the trains are whistling through. Definitely looks like HLCX 6200 was on CN train 308.

Helm Leasing was one of several leasing companies that CN (and CP) were using in the mid-90's. Upcoming Trackside Treasure post on these, plus the LMS 'Llamas'.


Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks Eric, I'll correct the location. I was watching the video on mute so I didn't hear the horns.