Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunset Train

CN 8890 in Winnipeg Manitoba

I was heading home on Thursday the 12th when I heard the detector at mile 10 go off.

"CN detector, mile one zero Rivers subdivision, south track, no alarms, temperature minus one six degrees, speed two three."

I figured I had a chance to catch it. Sure enough, I caught up to the rear of the train by the Perimeter. I finally overtook the head end after Diamond, so I kept going until the bend in the track a mile or so west of Diamond.

I jumped out and got ready to shoot. The engineer gave me a bunch of toots on the horn as the train approached - thanks!

As you can see above, the lead unit was CN 8890, an SD70M-2. The second unit was IC 1002, an SD70.
IC 1002 in Winnipeg Manitoba

Following those two were a pair of SD60s... CN 5535 and CN 5545.
CN 5535 in Winnipeg Manitoba

CN 8890 in Winnipeg Manitoba

CN 5545 looks a little better than the last time I saw her, missing her prime mover in Transcona in September!
CN 5545 in Winnipeg

As I continued on home, I saw CP 3027 and CP 1127 at the head of a small train, waiting to cross the Perimeter on the CP La Riviere subdivision. I took a few photos but the light was not very good by that point.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Nice shots; I like seeing the IC units in their black paint, number stuck on the side. The painted on number boards on 5535 and 5545 are interesting notes as well.