Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Is Here

It has taken a long time, but winter has finally arrived in Winnipeg Winterpeg.
CN 8018 in Winnipeg

After a couple of weeks of near- or above-zero days, the temperature dropped to -13C today and we had a fair bit of blowing snow. I was driving home along Wilkes Avenue when I spotted CN 199 heading the same way. I slowly overtook it and pulled off at La Fleche Road just west of the Perimeter to grab these shots. The train was moving at a good pace but I imagine they had to slow a bit to actually see the signals in the blowing snow.

Part way down the train was CN 8884 in DPU mode. This was the 15th time I've seen CN 199 and only the first time I've seen a DPU engine on it. Unusual.
CN 8884 in Winnipeg

I guess I'll be bundling up more!

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