Monday, October 08, 2012

The Grey Cup Train, Part 2

Following on my last post about the Grey Cup train, here are some photos of the interior and the festivities outside.

As I said previously, baggage car VIA 8615 had displays showing the history of (Canadian) football and equipment. The next car was provided by Canadian Pacific, CP 103, and contained displays about the Grey Cup game itself, including an extensive set of Grey Cup rings. This is Henry Burris' ring from the Calgary Stampeders' 2008 victory over Montreal.
Calgary Stampeders ring

Nearby was a ring from the Saskatchewan Roughriders from their 2007 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Photographing these was challenging because they were behind plexiglass, which is becoming quite scratched. This is Kent Austin's ring, who won the Grey Cup twice as a quarterback (SK, BC) and once as the head coach (SK).
Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cup ring - Rustin

There is a spot in the car for the Grey Cup to sit in, but as I said before, it was not on the train at this time.
Grey Cup logo

The next car was another Canadian Pacific car, CP 104.
CP 104

This car had displays for all of the current CFL teams. I tried to explain to this guy that he and his nephew were wearing jerseys for the wrong sport but he was having none of it.
Grey Cup team car CP 104

Our Roughrider family had to pose at the Saskatchewan display.
A Roughrider family

At the end of the car, we faced this obstacle. No entry into the diner for us!
Grey Cup train diner KENT invited guests only

Here is the exterior of VIA 8412 / KENT. This is as far as we were permitted to go to photograph, so I did not get any photos of VIA 8502 or VIA 8208 / CHATEAU DOLLIER.
Exterior of VIA 8412 Grey Cup train

They did do a nice job decorating the cars.
Stamps on the exterior of the Grey Cup train

Back outside the station, there was still a long line waiting to see the train. Note the Canadian Human Rights Museum in the background, still under construction.
Lineup to get into the Grey Cup train

We wandered around the displays for a while. Telus had a Fan Cup there, and there were hot dogs for sale, a football toss, a tackling area, and of course the Grey Cup.
Grey Cup and Human Rights Museum

We joined the line for the Cup and after about 15 minutes, we had our turn.
Me and the Grey Cup

Thanks to the CFL, to VIA Rail, to Rona, and all the other sponsors for supporting this great train and display as it travels across Canada. Look out Halifax, the train is coming to see you next!

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