Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bristol Station

On our way back from our Gaspe adventure in August, David Morris and I stopped in Bristol to see the excellent work being done there for a new tourist attraction. Bristol has three former Canadian Pacific railway cars, as well as the former Florenceville CP station. Quite a bit of work had been done when we were there in preparation for their big opening a few weeks later.

Here we see the future dining car with the other two cars stretching behind it. I like the end on this car.

A peek inside the dining car from outside.

Here is the former Florenceville station.

This is the boarded up baggage car.

One view up the cars.

There is a bit of track past the three parked cars, with a switch thrown in for good measure.

A backlit view of the site from the baggage car end.

Kudos to everyone involved for a job well done. It is definitely worth a visit.

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