Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NB Southern and CN YouTube videos

Dave Dineen has an excellent video on YouTube showing the NB Southern transfer train from Island Yard crossing the Reversing Falls bridge and then heading to through Bayshore to the Port of Saint John - with a caboose no less! Very nice work.

The power was NBSR 9801, NBSR 3701, and NBSR 2610.

Joel Scott has a nice video at Parker Ridge, NB showing CN 149 at 11:47 on Saturday October 6. CN 5706, 2582, 4762, and 4774 are pulling 77 cars.

Joel has another video at the same location of CN 305 at 09:35 with CN 8800, 8803 and 2532 with 125 cars.

Thanks, guys!

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