Wednesday, July 09, 2008

VIA 14 to Halifax

After Friday evening's collision in Halifax, VIA has been running buses between Moncton and Halifax to serve its customers. No more, apparently. I'm told VIA 14 went to Halifax Tuesday afternoon.

VIA 6400 brought 5 Renaissance cars to IRSI in Moncton on July 5 and they were cleared for service on July 7. Apparently the damaged cars are still in Halifax. David Othen provided a detailed list and I will ask if I can post it here.

JF Dumont and Bernard Babin reported that a special VIA 14 was in Charny, Quebec Tuesday evening with engines 6431 and 6408 with 1 baggage car and 4 coaches. Normally the Ocean does not run on Tuesdays. I assume there were no passengers aboard.

It looks like there will be a VIA 15 from Halifax around noon today... I'll keep you posted.
VIA 614 leaving Bathurst, July 23 2008

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