Sunday, January 25, 2009

CN/NBEC News Items

There's a notice on CN's web site that indicates they are intending to complete integration of the CN and Quebec Railway Corporation customer systems by February 1. Customers will get a single CN bill, work under a new tariff system, and probably most importantly, pay a fuel surcharge for local traffic.

There is also an article in Friday's Moncton Times & Transcript about the Port of Belledune. The port is very encouraged by CN's acquisition and hopes that it will lead to more business for the port. Containers at Belledune was raised again, as it has over the past number of years.

If all these projects go through, every port on the Atlantic coast would handle containers, it seems. Projects are being discussed for Sydney, Canso and Belledune. It seems strange that when the container traffic at Halifax and Saint John has plummeted, other ports are so optimistic.

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