Saturday, January 17, 2009

Northern Maine Junction

I did my first Maine railfanning today (if you don't count my very brief time in Vanceboro in May last year) at Northern Maine Junction in Hermon, Maine just outside Bangor. NMJ is the home of the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway and it is apparently an interchange with Pan Am Railways (formerly Guilford). I drove around a bit and I saw four Pan Am locomotives and one very distant MM&A locomotive.

Springfield Terminal 52 near what appears to be an old coal dock. There's a sign on the dock that says "Designed and built by Roberts and Schaefer Co. Chicago, U.S.A."

ST 45 was coupled to ST 52.

Boston & Maine 335 and Maine Central 370 were coupled together a little further along.

I saw a string of cars on the mainline with a FRED on the rear. The cars included some empty New Brunswick Southern Railway log cars (2003, 6057 for example). I saw a couple of snowplows too but I couldn't get close enough to get numbers.

I saw MM&A 3609 in the distance but couldn't get a good shot.

Nothing much was going on, but I'm glad I dropped by!

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