Saturday, February 19, 2011

Action at Carman Junction

Last Thursday (February 17) I went up to Wilkes Avenue to shoot the Canadian at noon. I shuttled around for a bit, trying to decide where to shoot it, and settled on Carman Junction. I hadn't shot right at the junction before.

Carman Junction is one of the many junctions in Winnipeg. This one is the junction between the CN Rivers subdivision and the CEMR Carman Subdivision. The CEMR line used to be a CN subdivision but was acquired by CEMR. In actuality the first 0.2 miles (the actual junction and the track across Wilkes Avenue) are still a CN subdivision and the rest is CEMR.

I set up just west of the CEMR track and waited for the Canadian to roll in. Here it is on the north track just passing through the signals at the junction.
VIA 6419 at Carman Junction
VIA 6419 and refurb unit 6442 were pulling the usual winter consist of nine cars.
VIA's Canadian in Winnipeg
I had my old Canon S3 on the tripod for video.

I heard that CN 111 was going to be following VIA, so I waited around a bit for them to show up. They rolled by 10 minutes later at 12:31.
CN 2253 in Winnipeg
111 had CN 2253 leading and 8861 trailing, with 8803 as a DPU unit.
CN 8803 as DPU unit
Sadly the batteries on the S3 didn't like the cold and were not cooperating for this train.

I like that spot!

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