Friday, February 04, 2011

Viewer Video: CN 507 at Windsor Junction

Here's a video from Caleb Wentzell aka CNCRW94.

CN 507 is bringing some loads from the Kinsac siding on the CN Bedford subdivision, presumably into Dartmouth to go out on CN 308 the next day. I could be wrong.

Interesting power, a GP9 and a GP40 (CN 4121 and 9584).


Jordan said...

Hey Steve,

507 was taking cars set off in Kinsac Siding to Rockingham that was set off earlier that morning by 408 on its way to Dartmouth. 507 is going only 15MPH because it is running as a transfer, due to the fact two cars had the brakes cut out, and thus couldn't meet the requirements to operate a train, so we had to run as a transfer. I was the conductor on 507 that day, and we were going to originally going to clear for VIA at Bedford Quarry where had to do some work. But, because we could only do 15MPH and not track speed I decided to clear for VIA at Windsor Junction.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Ah OK, thanks for the clarification Jordan. So incoming freight for Halifax is set off by 408 at Kinsac? What about outgoing freight from Halifax?

Jordan said...

The 408 dropping Halifax traffic at Kinsac was short lived. It didn't work out as well as they planned it. I believe the reason behind it was CN wanted to try running the DP unit on the tail end of 120, but the only way to do that was if the train is solid container traffic and thus they had 408 set off the general freight cars at Kinsac so 507 would run west to Kinsac and pick up the traffic and bring it to Rockingham. As for freight out of Halifax, that was still handled by 121, but I think in at least one case, general freight, or "Humps" were left in Rockingham.

Unknown said...

Neat, I saw 4121 on "The Peddlar" back in August, 2008 in Toronto and again in April 2009 at the Temrex Mill in Nouvelle.

Unknown said...

Hey is this chat is active. Jordan are you still active? I have a question about the kinsac siding. How often are cars left there and for how long?