Thursday, May 05, 2011

Coors Light Units in the Corridor

Railfans have been tracking the Coors Light Silver Bullet Express engines (VIA 6445 and 6408) all over Ontario and Quebec. Now that the actual Express is done, VIA is using these engines in regular passenger service. As a result, many photos are becoming available.

Before I get into details, I want to point you to two links. First, this page by Marc. He has assembled a lot of good information about the Coors Light train, some from my pages and much from other people. There are some great shots there of the actual Coors Light train by itself. The shot of the train with the horses (by Ken Storey) is spectacular. Check out Ken's trip report.

Now, on to the details. These engines get around!

2011/04/27 - John Reay shot VIA 6408 on VIA 70 in Brantford, Ontario.

2011/04/29 - Walter Pfefferle shot VIA 6408 in Woodstock, Ontario.

2011/05/01 - VIA 6408 was spotted leading train 70 in London, Ontario. It had a baggage car, two club cars, and four coaches. Walter Pfefferle saw it on the same train in Ingersoll, Ontario.

2011/05/01 - Steve Taylor shot VIA 6445 leading train VIA 635 past CN Couteau in Quebec on its way to Ottawa ON, around noon.

2011/05/02 - VIA 6445 was spotted on train VIA 32 from Ottawa to Montreal, then again on VIA 59 from Montreal to Ottawa and Toronto.

2011/05/03 - VIA 6445 was on train VIA 71 and VIA 6408 was on train 70. Aivo Merimets shot them both in Brantford, Ontario.

Isn't it crazy how much information is available on the Internet?

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