Thursday, May 19, 2011

"New" NB Southern Power

The NB Southern Railway will be leasing four GP38-3 engines from Helm Financial. Since NBSR will be operating the Northern Maine lines, it will need more power. The units are HLCX 906, 909, 913 and 917. They are all ex Union Pacific units. Apparently one of those was a GP40 but was rebuilt into a GP38-3.

NB Southern has leased locomotives before, but it has been a number of years.

The rumour mill says they will arrive in New Brunswick before mid June. They are currently in UP yellow but will be repainted to NBSR green after they arrive.

I look forward to seeing pictures from out East soon!


NBSRFAN said...

So they are leasing them? I've been trying to find out but haven't been having any luck.

Steve Boyko said...

Yes, they are leasing them. I'm not sure if the deal has been signed yet but the intent is to lease.