Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photos That Look Like Model Trains

I was sent this
link full of cool photos. These are pictures of actual trains that look like model trains.

How is this done? It's called a "tilt-shift effect". It can be done optically with a special tilt-shift lens, or during post-processing with Photoshop or other software.

Essentially what you do is take a photograph, preferably taken from well above "ground level", and blur most of the photo except a small portion. This simulates the very shallow depth of field used in most macro (close-up) photography. Also the colours are saturated to simulate the brighter paint of most models.

Here's a web site devoted to tilt-shift photography. There is even a tilt-shift maker online to do it all for you!

I used to take this photo I took of NBEC 1819 outside Bathurst...
NBEC 1819 outside Bathurst

and turn it into this one!
Tilt shift version of NBEC 1819 outside Bathurst

Cool, isn't it?

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David said...

Cool is an understatement! That is beyond totally cool! Some of the results are incredible, especially the photos that have been taken from relatively high up, where the effect really mimics the appearance of a model railway.