Sunday, November 30, 2008

15 Years

It was 15 years ago yesterday that the last CP train left Fredericton. It left from Nackawic and proceeded to Fredericton, then to Fredericton Junction and on to Saint John with the last of the train cars.

The train had CP 8042 and 8036 with 5 cars (2 boxcars, 2 tank cars and 1 gondola of scrap). The gondola was left at South Devon for interchange with CN, which took it to McGivney on December 1.


EDIT: Confirmed last CP train was November 29. Added consist. Thanks to Peter Gough and Brian Barchard!


d1t4k said...

such a shame that rail service ended in Fredericton. Does anyone think that rail service will ever come back to fredericton, whether on the old CP or old CN routes?

Saintjohnrailfan said...

It'd be tough with the rail lines already torn up, but you never know. I had a dream a few months ago that the railway came back to PEI. So really, anything's possible ;)

Brian B. said...

I recorded the last train from Nackawic as being November 29th, 1993, with engines 8042 / 8036 ( RS-23's ) and 5 cars......2 box, 2 tank and 1 gondola of scrap . The load of scrap was left at South Devon for interchange to CN, which handeled the car to McGivney December 01st.