Friday, November 14, 2008

VIA Rail Lineup for Thursday

Here's something a little different. This was the VIA Rail lineup cross-country for Thursday November 13.

This is the first (and maybe only) lineup I've seen. There is lots of interesting detail there. You can see the consist for VIA 14 leaving Montreal was VIA 6411 and 6409 with 10 cars, and the VIA 14 going through New Brunswick was VIA 6400 and 6444, after dropping VIA 6412 and 5 cars at Matapedia for the Chaleur. Conversely, VIA 15 leaving Halifax was VIA 6401 and 6453 with 13 cars.

Even VIA's RDCs are shown on the bottom, with 6250 and 6215 on duty on the Sudbury-White River line, and VIA 6135 on Vancouver Island.


Vivian, VIA Rail's virtual tour guide said...

And I thought I really liked trains!

Congratulations on your true passion for trains - browsing your blog has been quite an educational experience.

Have I already sent you a link towards VIA's new equipment section?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Vivian, thanks for commenting. I do have a bit of a passion for trains. :)

Thanks for the link. There is a lot of good detail there.