Saturday, November 08, 2008

Train Action in Saint John Today

I took the kids down to the train show in Quispamsis today. I decided to take the Kingston Peninsula route, by taking the ferry by Westfield Beach and the ferry by Quispamsis. This was the first time I had taken those ferries. Recommended.

The train show was great. I was glad to meet up with old friends like Wendell, Art, Steve, Ron, Carroll, Danny, Chuck, Tim, and probably others I cannot remember! I spent a grand total of $7 there but the experience was worth it.

Afterward, we went back through Rothesay in pursuit of CN 405. I heard them shunting on the scanner so I knew they were still in the yard. I found the head end up where the yard narrows near the shops. I also noticed CN 7038 and 7010 waiting outside the yard at 15:00.

I drove a bit to get a higher vantage point to get this shot of the head end of CN 405. It had CN 5338, 4728, 5269 and 5771 for power.

CN 7038 and 7010 crossed Rothesay Avenue and entered the yard. CN 7060 was doing some shunting, and as it retreated I got this shot of the three trains together.

Here is a short video I took of 7038 pulling up.

According to the scanner chatter, the plan was for 7038 and 7010 to go get some tank cars and take them to the refinery. After that, CN 405 was free to leave the yard and get on its way. I did not have time to wait so I took off for the road home.

A call to McAdam told me that the NB Southern eastbound train left McAdam at 14:10. I knew it could not get the 60 miles from there to Welsford in less than 1:30, so I made it to Welsford at 15:40, confident I didn't miss the train. We parked there and waited, and at 15:57 I heard the EOT squawk on my scanner. At 16:00 precisely, NBSR 2317 East rolled through the crossing. NBSR 2317, 9801, 2318 and 2319 were pulling 45 cars.

You can see it was raining. I had my hand over the lens to shield it from the rain, but the train blew mist onto the lens. Sorry for the handheld shot - I forgot my tripod at home.

Not a bad day, all around. I was glad to get out and see some trains!

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