Saturday, November 15, 2008

VIA and CN Outside Halifax

As I mentioned before, I am in Halifax this weekend. I did a quick pass through Dartmouth yard on my way to the train show this Saturday morning, and saw CN 2288 and another unit in the fog. I just missed CN 407 leaving at 09:45.

After visiting old friends and meeting new friends at the train show (hi Alan!), I decided to hit the road and see VIA 15 off. I chose to go to Brookfield and wait for the Ocean there, then proceed to Belmont on the other side of Truro and get it again before heading back to Halifax.

As I approached Brookfield, I heard the RTC calling CN 407 on the scanner. 407? What was it still doing around? From the discussion it appears they were waiting for a pickup, presumably the CB&CNS. The RTC asked 407 to follow 15 out of Truro. Good news for me!

VIA 6421 blasted through Brookfield at 13:50 with 6409 trailing. The kids and I were out of the van to give them a rollby inspection.

We hotfooted it for Belmont, and set up at the east end of the siding on the Old Tatamagouche Road. The camera angle isn't fantastic there but I wanted somewhere safe for the kids to wait. If I were alone I would have chosen Onslow instead.

We heard VIA start honking for crossings, and in short order the Ocean rolled past at 14:18.

The signal turned red-over-red, then yellow-over-red. CN 407 broadcast that it was leaving on a clear-to-stop signal, and the signal turned green shortly after that. 407 was very slow leaving Truro and wasn't exactly rocketing when it rolled past at 14:34.

407 had 2588, 5621, 8817 and shiny 4728 pulling 104 cars. Maybe that's why they were so slow starting out!

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