Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Rare Find

I was in Saint John today and met a fellow railfan, and also made a rare find.

First, I found NBSR 9803 and CN 7060 resting by the Tim Hortons off Thorne Avenue around 09:15.

Shortly after I took the photo, they started up and headed out toward the refinery.

CN 405 was resting in the Island Yard with 5799, 2650 and 2613. I think the consist was the same as Tuesday's but I must have had 5799's number wrong then.

At lunch at 13:00, I noticed that the power for 405 was over at the potash terminal. I went over to see if there was a shot there, and I saw someone parked there with a tripod all set up. Obviously a railfan! It turned out to be Kevin Gaudet. I was glad to meet him, and we spoke for a few minutes before I had to head back to work. I did stop on the other side of the causeway to get a few shots of 405 from afar.

Later, I noticed 405 was pulling a string of potash cars to Island Yard just after 15:00. I saw the Courtenay Bay potash switcher was visible, so I decided to head across the causeway to see if I could finally get a picture of this rare locomotive. As it happened, it was on the move to the dumper by the time I got there, so I snapped one shot out the car window and then pulled up to take a short video. I am quite pleased with how the photo turned out. The video, not so much, but I like the horn.
Courtenay Bay Potash switcher, Saint John

That was it for today. I am very happy to finally get a decent photo of the Courtenay Bay Potash switcher.

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