Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Night Railfanning

I was out Sunday night (Oct 18) to see a friend at VIA's Union Station. That didn't work out, but I did manage to see a few trains.

First I went to CN Subway to try to catch the Canadian as it came in. As I arrived, a westbound roared by at 20:04 with CN 8824 and IC 6100. I set up the tripod and put the video camera into "night mode". Soon enough a headlight was visible to the east, but it was not the Canadian

It had CN 2531 on the point, with a BC Rail Dash 8 and another BC Rail unit (an SD40 or SD40-2) trailing. There were a lot of loaded paper products cars in this train.

As the train rolled on by, I saw another headlight to the east, and the train ended up rolling up right in front of me. This one had IC 6200 and CN 5245.

With my view blocked, and time getting short, I figured I should head to the station. It turned out that the Canadian had arrived at the station almost an hour early. I wandered around the station looking for my friend, but I never saw him.

After a while, I left and headed over toward Symington Yard before heading home. I saw and shot an eastbound near Beach Junction with CN 5556 and CN 5534 for power. I last saw 5556 by the Prairie Dog Central.

I heard there were two westbounds ready to leave the yard but time was growing late, so I headed home.

EDIT: Added second video

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