Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pacing Videos

It's rare to find pacing videos of trains. By pacing videos I mean shots where the train and the observer are moving side by side. You need two things: a road parallel to the tracks with few obstructions in between, and a driver. I haven't shot any pacing videos because I usually railfan alone.

Caleb aka CNCRW94 posted a video of local CN 507 rolling through Windsor Junction. He chased it and provided some pacing footage as shiny CN 4805 and grimy CN 4725 pulled a few hoppers and tankers along.

Dave aka nbsrfan has long been a practitioner of the pacing shot. Here is his video of a recent NB Southern Railway passenger train, with a nice pacing sequence through Westfield at 4:02 and 4:27 and 5:09.

Nice job, guys!

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Caleb said...

Well, thanks Steve! I am still an amateur though, but if you ever get the chance, try a pace shot. (Trick: Balance your camera on the window. Of course last weekend, I never thought of that ;) )