Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Race is On

There was a little race Monday (Oct 27) at noontime. I knew the Hudson Bay (VIA 693) was due soon, but I also knew CN 199 was ready to roll at Fort Rouge at the same time. I was curious how it would pan out. Normally westbound VIA trains are on the north track.

The RTC put CN 199 on the north track. As it rolled toward me, I could see the headlights of the Hudson Bay behind them. I couldn't imagine that the RTC would make VIA tag along behind the freight, and she did not. The Hudson Bay was on the south track, rapidly overtaking the container train on the north.

CN 199 passed me first, with CN 5731 and 2721 leading a long container train.
CN 5731 on train 199, Winnipeg

Within two minutes, the Hudson Bay was rolling by on the south track.
VIA 6413 and the Hudson Bay

The train had the regular power, VIA 6413 and VIA 6456, on point, with baggage car 8600, three coaches (8106, 8110, 8100), diner York (8418), and two Chateau sleepers (8221 Radisson and 8223 Rigaud). I heard the previous Hudson Bay had a dome car... I keep hoping to see one on this train.
VIA Hudson Bay in Winnipeg
You can see the head end of CN 199 in the photo above. No doubt VIA was past CN before Diamond.

I think that's the first time I saw two trains passing in the same direction... it was very interesting.

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