Thursday, October 15, 2009

CN 9416 on the Chaleur

You may recall that CN 9416 has been leased by VIA Rail for about a month to give the Chaleur some more traction over the fallen leaves. The Chaleur typically has a lot of problems slipping on the rails in the fall due to the leaves covering the tracks, especially since there are no regular freights to help keep the rails clear. In previous years the Chaleur has had to abandon trips due to slippery rails. CN 9416 is a GP40-2.

tjmfishing shot CN 9416 leading the Chaleur into New Carlisle, Quebec on Saturday October 10.

Earlier that week (October 5), Errol Robertson shot CN 9416 and VIA 6419 at Gaspe in the pouring rain!
CN 9416 on VIA's Chaleur. Photo by Errol Robertson

David Morris caught what I think was the inaugural run of 9416 on the Chaleur, on October 3. Here is CN 9416 at St. Simeon on the way toward Gaspe.
VIA 16 with CN 9416

On that day the Chaleur had to turn at New Carlisle. David shot the train in the midst of the turning exercise at New Carlisle.
VIA 17 turning at New Carlisle with CN 9416

EDIT: Removed the comment about the GP40-2's gearing, as it is obviously not a bonus for the slow speeds that the Chaleur travels at on the Gaspe. The GP40-2 is added and removed at Matapedia so it never travels the Corridor with the Chaleur. Thanks Peter for the comment.

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