Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CN 302 at Sunset

I was in Portage la Prairie today. I didn't see any trains on the way there, and all I saw while I was there was resident switcher CP 3082 and white caboose CP 420989.

I caught CN 302 passing through as I was heading home to Winnipeg. First, I saw it as it came into Portage at 18:04. CN 2226 and IC 1026 were the engines on the point.

I went around Portage on the Trans-Canada Highway, and I saw 302 meeting 401 as the latter came into Portage. 302 was really moving, but I was able to get ahead and set up at a crossing just west of Elie. 302 blasted through at 18:35 in the falling dark.

302 had just passed by the time I crossed over Wilkes Avenue on the Perimeter. They were making good time!

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